Check out this great giveaway. I can't believe a quilt, a full size quilt, a handmade quilt. Do you know how much work is involved in making a quilt. I tried making a minature quilt once and decided quilting wasn't for me. I admire quilters and have many older quilts that I love. The drawing is this Friday the 17th so you have to act quick. Click on the banner and throw your name in the hat. I did! I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I can already see it draped over the back of my sofa.


Shari Kraft said…
There are 1083 entries on this quilt already! Wow!

I'm so glad you want to do the ad thing with me! That makes 4 of us! I'm gonna put up a reminder post tomorrow. Maybe we'll get a few more.
Jody said…
Love this quilt and your blog....I have tagged you on my blog, I hope you can play along......

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