Blogging Awards

I have received these blog awards over the past several days, I received the one award twice. I want to thank you all for thinking of me and nominating me, you made my day, you really did. I'm not good with the whole chain thing. Every blog I visited had awards so here's what I'm thinking, if you are listed here on my blog anywhere, it means you have somehow touched me, made me laugh, made me cry, gave me something for free, inspired me, made my day or all of the above. I nominate all of you! Please grab your award you deserve it. I think your all the best! Thanks to The Colonial Peddler for the thought.


Cindy B said…
Isn't that the truth...You blog is great..i can see why so many give out awards to you! ...I have had to decline sending on awards as well..takes up so much time and room...and just not my thin to do either. Ther are so many of them going around...I totally agree.. all deserve them!

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