Sewing and Judge Judy

Can't get much better, sewing and watching Judge Judy. I had to re-dye my turkies which is not uncommon when making primitives. Sometimes it takes some dying and sanding and then more dying and more sanding before I like they way something looks. If I was at home I would put them in the oven. While their drying I'm working on quilt stars. Yesterday I traced out 48 on muslin. I use a marker called Mark-B-Gone it is blue in color and the ink is water soluble. I always sew on the trace line, it cuts down on the steps. I get the markers at Walmart, they are in with the sewing supplies and cost $1.38 at Jo Ann's same marker in a different package $4.49. I always try to buy at Walmart. Enough about the markers. Then I cut my quilt and pinned the two pieces together. I started to sew them but the day just got away from me. Today I'm hoping to finish sewing and cutting them out so I can take them home with me and stuff them tonight in front of the T.V. I'm about half done so I'd better go and get a sewing.


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