I will be on vacation (sort of) from June 12 until June 26. I'm driving to Baltimore with my youngest. I know what your thinking DRIVING! Am I crazy. I'm driving because my mom is finally ready to let go of her mothers dishes. And they have always been promised to me. So when my mom came out last year for the World Series she told me that the next time I came home with my big truck I could take them with me. Well I won't be driving my big truck, I have a Ford F-350 four door with the long bed and I have a rack for the top. I just love it, there isn't anything I can't drag home. I will be taking my Subaru Forester. It gets way better gas mileage. Its about 1800 miles more or less, and thats one way. We'll be there Sunday and I'll be able to send Father's Day with my dad. I'm thrilled, he doesn't know we're coming. I'll have my computer and I'll try to answer e-mails but no promises. I will process any and all orders upon my return in the order in which they are recieved. Sorry for any inconvience. I course I'm thinking I have room to bring back a few primitives. My car does have a rack on the top. I better go now while I'm thinking about it and throw a few bungies in the car, just in case.


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