That's why * I LOVE PRIMITIVES *

I hate when this happens. I dyed my girlfriends and made the mistake of leaving them to dry overnight. I should of turned them a few times and I think I could of avoided this issue. I hated the way they looked. I tried sanding and a little shoe polish. And I still hated the way they look.

So I ran them under hot water to remove the dye, I let them dry overnight and then I re-dyed them. They are drying as we speak. Thats why I love primitives there are no mistakes or mess ups. If you don't like something just dye it, paint it or sand it again until you do.


Linda said…
Kathy, that's why I love them, too. You can't ruin them.! LOL LOL

Have a great night.

Kimberly Ann said…
I really enjoy your work!

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