All Finished!

Here we are all finished and ready for new homes. I decided to leave them simple. They just didn't look right with clothes on. I did notice after they were all finished for some reason I placed their eyes alittle further a part than I should of. I marked the eyes off of the pattern but when I looked at the picture, well the eyes are placed differently. Sometimes I wonder why I even buy patterns. I fixed with a stitch here and there to make the eyes look indented slightly. I have listed on
Kittredge Mercantile and also on Etsy.


Niki said…
Simple is great! Love them!
Shari Kraft said…
They're gorgeous 'lil babies. I love them. If you hadn't mentioned about the eyes I wouldn't have even noticed. Still don't! I think they are fine. I know what you mean about buying patterns, sometimes it's just easier to do it yourself. :)

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