Miss Liberty

Finally all finished. I think she turned our great considering the lack of instructions. Not a pattern for beginners. I'm not a beginner by no means and I had problems with this one, from start to finish. I really was dragging my feet, and every time I turned around another issue. Okay, I need to vent again on this issue. I hate when I buy a pattern and the directions are weak. This pattern cost me $14.00, I know just for the pattern. The pattern pieces themself weren't bad, I had to make a few slight adjustments nothing major. But we left out things like how do I attach the arms and legs. The way the pieces looked they looked like they should of been jointed. I had to contact the designer and I still didn't understand how they were attached. And there is no way I could of attached the crown and then painted. What! To me nothing was done in the right order and I had to do some things more than once before I like the way they looked. I don't want or like to make things up and quess how to do things, thats what I bought the pattern for. I wonder if the designers actually make a doll from the pattern themselves before they put the pattern out for sell. In most cases I think Not! Okay I'm over it. Really! Thanks for letting me vent. All in all I think she and her little friend turned out great. I love mine and I have already taken her to her new home in my bedroom on top of a cabinet sitting in a red chair. She makes the whole room smell of coffee. I love what I do and every now and then I get a new girlfriend for myself. Can't get much better than that. To take a closer look visit her on my new etsy site http://kittredgemercantile.etsy.com


Andrea said…
I think it turned out great! I think I would have trouble doing the mouth, the torch and the crown part. But sounds like the whole thing was a challenge. Looks great nonetheless!


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