Craft Rooms

Visit this great site I just found Beneath the Willow Tree, a free online newsletter sponsored by Prim Mart. Their newest issue was released on January 20th! After one quick peek around, you will see that their theme this issue is 'organizing'. Join them for a look inside your home, work, life, studios, and closets too! They have lots of tips, tools, and photo's to help you get organized wherever you might need it. Check out their ORGANIZE YOUR CRAFT ROOM page. I'm so jealous, these craft room are great! It makes me want to re-organize work on mine, run out and buy a few baskets, containers and jars. NOT! I think I'm pretty organized, I usually can find what I'm looking for. My craft room is at my shop. I have a great work space and I'm surrounded by over 200 bolts of fabrics and projects/girlfirends waiting for new homes. I can't ask for more. I have said this before you can never have enough fabric. I buy it when I see it and as you can see I think I need it all. I'm bad! I hate when I find a good homespun and there is only a yard or two left. What! I have shown you my craft space before but in case you missed it.


Beautiful Craft room, Kathy, I bet you LOVE being in there.

Mandie said…
Very Nice Kathy, looks like a fun spot to get crafty!
Great room Kathy!!! Hmmmmmm, I need to go clean my room..LOL!!!
Beehind Thyme said…
Oh, My GooDneSS!!! I would... DiE for a RooM like this to create in. I absolutely lovvvvvvvvvvvve your StYLe & TaLenT... I admire this dedication!!! I would greatly appreciate it...if you visited me & give me your input.
Blessings 2 you, Pamela

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