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Me and my youngest were out shopping yesterday at a few of our local antique malls and look what we found. A few yards of crochet edging and a great red and white cutter quilt. I washed everything last night and I can't wait to start cutting. I'm thinking first Christmas stockings with the crochet as trim then a few pillows and maybe even a little something Americana. Thats half of the fun not knowing what it will be turned into or how it will turn out. People give me grief now and then for cutting old quilts. Let me say I only cut them if they are bad. I know the one above looks good but if I unfold it, it has a few large holes and stains. I feel like I'm giving the quilt a chance at a second life. You started life as a quilt, now your a pillow or bear or heart. I think what a lucky quilt.


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