Just Added Mr. Rabbit

I just finished these primitive handmade rabbits I was working on. They are much cuter in person I think, then their picture shows. I made them using a The Key To Primitive pattern. They are made of muslin which has been painted then sanded. This was the first time I have made a handmade with one of her patterns. I had a few issues with the pattern, like no directions on how to attach the arms and legs. By their shape they look like to me they should be jointed, so that was how I attached them. After all was said and done it really didn't matter because of his painted pants his legs can't move, he only stands. All in all I think they turned out well. I'm pleased! Visit my SPRING page for further details.


Linda said…
Kathy, they're just adorable. I just love them. Have a great night.


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