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Here is a e-mail I received today from my host. I thought I would post in case you didn't see it. And in hope of getting a few answers to whats up with u-maintain-it. What ever just happened over the past few weeks was a mess. I had no site and no e-mail. I learned a big lesson, host your own e-mail address. Well I learned quite a few lessons. All of my uploads were lost during the so called switch. To date I have re-uploaded 316 images. And I'm hoping after a full day tomorrow I will be close to 100%, okay maybe 90%. Oh no! it is tomorrow. I mean after I go to bed and wake up tomorrow. Please contact me and leave your e-mail address I would love to exchange stories. I love u-maintain-it and have been with them for almost 2 years, with very few issues until now. Now I don't know what to think of them. Kathy PLEASE NOTE MY NEW E-MAIL ADDRESS To Our Members, ~THIS EMAIL WAS AUTOMATICALLY GENERATED AND SENT TO ALL MEMBERS. PLEASE DO NOT REPLY~ U-Maintain-IT Web Services ( The UMI server is running well with only a few trouble reports since the switch. We appreciate all of you who have stuck it out with us and can assure you, we will be here for you, for the duration. Please feel free to email us at for any and all UMI Tech support needs. We have read all the negative posts in our forum from competitors and others and want to simply clarify, these are all but rumors propagated for self gain. We did attempt to send out multiple email to all and were not able to know whether they arrived or not. The state of the server did not allow for us to be able to tell. And we also had clients post as to what was going on in the forum to help keep everyone abreast of the server changes. In this electronic age everyone expects to receive their info but with anti-SPAM, firewalls, port blocking and server failures it is impossible to guarantee or know if email are getting through. On another note, the telephone support number was disconnected almost a year ago due to client abuse and because it was not a good tool for support. Having an email to refer to and have as a paper trail is much more efficient. On the email note, it is well worth knowing that if you are having email forwarded to an outside email host, such as hotmail or yahoo or your ISP email address, you are setting yourself up for email delivery problems. Any of these routes can close down or block your email at any time with no notice! This causes you to miss email and customer orders might be amongst these! May we suggest using us as your primary email host only. This not only gives you a more professional appearance by using your Domain name within the address but allows us more control over delivery and routing of your email. This way we ca help with email issues and we can fix them. It is unfortunate that the server needed to be upgraded at this time of year, but this was an emergency upgrade to ensure the safety and security of everyones data. Of all the days for this to happen...Merry Christmas to us! While most of you were enjoying a wonderful family time, we were working into the wee hours backing up manually and moving data to a new server. This is the worst part of the website business...electronic devices fail, eventually, and sometimes it takes a bit of time to get things all sorted out. Normally we notify well in advance of any sever changes or updates, but again this was not scheduled it was an emergency, must do. We thank everyone for their patience in this very trying time of transition and growth. CrOwSoUp.CoM ( Now in turn and due to all the rumors that were spread about, people are reluctant to participate in CrOwSoUp.CoM. So, we are re-working the site for a different layout and more diverse market share. You Can look forward to upcoming changes in layout and functionality! This was planned for the summer months when client participation is at its lowest, but now since this has happened we are taking advantage, and bringing in the new! All accounts who were pre-paid and were not in disqualification by leaving our hosting services have been refunded their money. Keep a watch for the new CrOwSoUp.CoM! Click Here to Remove You From Our CroWSoUp.CoM Database! No further notices will be sent to you! Ranting Raven ( All accounts are active and ready for uploading. Those interested please note the price is still $15.00 for 3 items and $20.00 for 10 items. Make sure you send payment as you upload. Click Here to Remove You From Our Ranting Raven Database! No further notices will be sent to you! Happy New Year and much prosperity to all, ~THIS EMAIL WAS AUTOMATICALLY GENERATED AND SENT TO ALL MEMBERS. PLEASE DO NOT REPLY~ Marcel and Kathy U-Maintain-IT CrOwSoUp.CoM Ranting Raven


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