Back From Market

We are back from market. We were gone for nine days (me and my youngest), drove 3833 miles, saw the Alamo and managed to shop for five of the nine days. We were in the truck alot, we had driven 2733 miles before we reached Round Top, Texas. We stopped in Canton, Texas on the way and shopped for two days. Then it was on to the Alamo. As soon as I step out of my air conditioned truck it all came back to me. The weather here Colorado in had already begun to change and in Texas it was 98 degress. What a shock! I was in a full body sweat most of the time. If you ever get the chance to go to Round Top, Go! You can shop until you drop. There is field after field, show after show. And you have to work in some kettle korn, twister taters and a few snowcones in between all the shopping. We found some great primitives, tons of salvage/reclaimed materials that are in need of repurposing, yellowware, quilts, farm finds, tin and more.


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