Whatcha Working On Wednesday .......

Today I'm working on baking cookies. My people love cookies. I'm making choc. chip today. I have 12 bags in the freezer so I'm thinking I'm about done with cc. Last week I tried to make oatmeal cookies but that didn't work out so well. I had the wrong oats. I didn't know there are two kinds. I had the wrong one. So I baked one batch and thru them off the deck for the animals. The birds and the fox loved them.

Week before last I made peanut butter. My favorite. I only got 4 bags to freeze but I'm lucky because no one else likes them much but me. I usually make cookies on snow days and it works out well but this year so far we've only had a dusting so I've just been picking one day a week and baking. It works for me and I'm almost done.


Cookies don't even think about making it to the freezer around here.....
Holding candle in your honor!
I know where to come when I'm jonesin' for a cookie!
Pattie said…
Oh how yumm! **quite tummy!**
I was just thinking about cookies and hot chocolate today le sigh

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