MONDAY MONDAY ............

My oldest just shared this with me. He's on his way over the pass to work all week in Grand County and I'm watching my granddog. I love watching him and I get so much sewing done. Its nice to have the company. We are so blessed to live in Colorado.


Hi Kathy,
I could not imagine seeing a moose in the middle of the road!! We don't have snow yet here in VA. and deffinately no moose, just some bears which I have not seen personally, thank God.
Have a great week!
Prim Blessings,
AngieSH said…
WOW now that would definately stop traffic. And look at the snow.... We don't have much of that here in NC at least where I am , in the middle of the state. But when we do we don't know how to act, lol.

Be Blessed!!!
Holy cow... I mean moose! LOL. Is that a sports car in the lead or is that a humongous moose?! He's a beauty!
No snow here in Ohio of course.
Enjoy your visit with granddog
omg how beautiful ..we dont get snow or mooses here in tasmania the little island at the bottom of Australia lol well we get snow but thats up the mountian :-) so happy i found your blog :-)

Hugs Heidi :-)
Felicity said…
What an incredible shot! My mom had a moose in her backyard once (in NH), but wasn't quick enough to get a decent photo.

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