MY NEW WEBSITE .........

I have a new website and host. I couldn't be happier. I have been MIA lately working and working and then working some more on moving my website over to my new host. I didn't realize how many items I had listed. Well I brought over 196 items. It wasn't that bad since I had all my info backed up and my old site was still online. Now I have to wait 24 - 72 hours for my site to move over before I can edit or change things. If you visit you'll notice I have no shipping cost set thats all I have left to do. My new host SoEz Web Design is just that. I could not have made the move without all their help and support. And bonus I was provide with a phone number and I could actually talk to someone. Someone(BeBe) who know's what she's doing. I love my new host and here's to many many happy years together. So please be patience as I work on building my new site. You'll see things our different like you have to sign in to make a purschase and there's a guest book so you can leave you comments directly to name a few. I'm excited about all the changes. So visit when you can and let me know your thoughts.


I love it Kathy. Real homey and comfortable and easy to motivate around on. Two thumbs up!
Your new website looks great! Bebe designed and hosts my website too. She is the greatest. Very nice, knowledgable with great customer service. You have some wonderful items on your site, very talented!

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