I just found out thru a e-mail that as of August 6th I will no longer have a website. I was told in May by my host that they were going thru a server upgrade and I was so excited to see some changes. I waited and waited as 2 months went by and I did little to my site waiting for the upgrade then today I find out in 2 days I'll have no website. WHAT! I have all my images backed up so no issues there but what a hassle. I don't know what to do. I didn't see it coming. I contacted DIY to see if they can help me with another site. Not much I can do. Maybe I'll just sell on Etsy and start a selling blog, or a free website. I don't have a clue at the moment. We'll have to see how it plays out.


Anonymous said…
Just a thought, I use and it is pretty foolproof for setting up your website. You don;t have to be a computer wiz to figure it out. You choose the templates and then can personalize it. Or for the meantime you could use another blog just as a selling site. It is free !
Hi Kathy, I can totally sympathize with you, as I too had U Maintain It for my server for 5 years. I had nothing but problems with them the whole time I was with them. I am with EZShoppe now and I really like it. It's very easy and more economical. I have had no problems at all. Good luck.

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