Is This Cute Or What

I can't wait for my new Capital One card to come in the mail. I made my own card using one of my old quilt bears. I just love it. Plus the way I figure it when I'm out shopping for the shop getting supplies and such I'm really promoting every time I use my card. I love multi tasking! GO ROCKIES! I know its not looking to good for us. We're down 5-0 to the Dodgers. I was hoping for a win. We are already in the playoffs as the wild card so no worries there. Keep your fingers crossed. I also re listed a few homespuns over in my Etsy shop.


marie said…
This is a very cute bankcard! Definitely a conversation starter ~ I have a Tinker Bell card and I've been in all kinds of conversations that begin with "Oh I love your card!"

Have a great day!

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