Whatcha Working On Wednesday

I'm working on this for the holidays the idea came from Tennessee Ridge Primitives. How fun is this. Start with a rake head then I added some greens which I just twisted in their place. Then I stuffed the bird nest in the middle and it fit perfect. How easy. I had the grouds I got them in east Texas. I painted a few white and thought they would make cute snowmen. I'm going to make a tag that says " THE STOCKINGS WERE HUNG". I love to take a idea and make it my own. After the holidays remove the stockings and leave the snowmen for awhile then remove the snowmen and your left with the nest and ready for spring. Instead of decorating a wreath for the holidays why not try a rake head. I have also seen them used as a wine glass holder and as a place to hang necklaces. Have fun!
Here's my newest girlfriend looking for a new home. I made using a pattern by A Piece Of Heaven. She has been very patience waiting at the shop for her turn to make it to the internet. I added her to both my website and to my Etsy. She is sweet!


Hampers said…
Nice blog. Enjoyed going through your blog. Keep it up the good work. Cheers :)
Linda said…
Kathy.......I love reading your blog. You always have so many interesting pictures of what you are doing.
I love to make snowmen out of gourds we pick them up from the farm markets around here. Love the idea with the rake. Carol from primitivecountrytreasures.blogspot.com

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