Americana Flag Pins ~ Newest Offerings

My latest offerings are a Kittredge Mercantile original. I made them out of paper mache using a vintage cookie cutter for the shape. I painted them with stars and stripes, antiqued then sealed with a matt sealer. I added a pin back and attached them to a large shipping tag. I added them to my Americana catagory on my site and also to my Etsy. I'm offering them at 9.95 plus s/h. A great addition to your Americana collection. You can wear it as a pin or use it as a piece of home decor. Tie it in a wreath, pin on a favorite doll or pillow, hang it from a cupboard door and uses are many. Just remember it is paper mache and it shouldn't come in contact with moisture. Thanks for looking. Hope everyone has a great Mother's Day.


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