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What a combination a sock monkey and a snowman. I have always wanted to make a monkey, I don't know why. I started crocheting one and thats just way too much work. Then I went to the surplus store and saw the red heel socks and they came with a pattern for the sock monkey. So I bought a few pairs. Here's my first try I think he looks great and makes me smile. The snowman is made from old quilt, front and back. I love anything I can make from old quilt. Truely one of a kind. I added them both to my Etsy. Stop by and take a peak. Etsy is a great place for everything handmade and I love being a part.


Shari Kraft said…
I'm making one of these little "Bells" guys. I got an order for him at my craft show a couple weeks ago. They are so much fun to make. My Grandma made us each a sock monkey years ago...I had mine for years. Very nostalgic.
I love your Freezing my Bells off Snowman!!!! Very nice!!

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