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Prim Friends Network

Shari has asked me to past the word. Prim Friends Network has their monthly drawing up and ready for October. Aunt Manny's Creations has very sweetly donated a set of her wonderful apples. These retail for $25, but you can get yours here for FREE--IF you win the drawing. You can't win if you don't play. Go to Prim Friends Network and leave a comment to enter the drawing. Are you looking to promote your craft business website/blog for free? Who isn't? Doesn't get any better than FREE. Whether you craft primitive, whimsy, vintage or shabby chic... Prim Friends Network is the place to be. Each week a crafter will be featured and there is also a drawing for a monthly giveaway. If you are interested in "networking" send your 125x125 button banner and URL, also send along your blog and its URL. In return you'll need to set up a Prim Friends Network link on your site/blog. This can be text only, or you can be as elaborate as you would like with pictures, banners, etc. The only requirement is that you do it! This is a Network and it doesn't work if it's members don't "Network"! Let's work together to promote crafting and your business! Visit Prim Friends Network today. Stop by and add your site. I did! And while your there check out all the great handmade sites and add your name to the drawing.


Shari Kraft said…
kathy....Aren't you just the best??!!!! THANKYOU for the nice write up on the drawing and the reminder for everyone to join us!! You are awesome!

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