Fall Sneak Peak

Sorry no post for awhile. I can't get any sewing done if I turn on my computer. So.....no computering but look at what I've been making. This darling pumpkin head doll with two crows in tow. I made four, I thought that was a good number. That gives me one for the shop, etsy and website with one left over for me. I love how that works out. I still need to add a tag and something special in her pocket. Sitting with her is Hootie the owl. I just love him. I have never make an owl before but now that I have I see owls everywhere. So theres a look at what I've making. I'm also working on a turkey. Its also a first I never thought I'd ever be making turkies. Never say never, even in the handmade world you never where your craft may take you.


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