My Latest Handmades

Here is a look at some of what I have been working on this week along with my Black Liberty Doll w/ Uncle Sam I have been working on now for a few weeks. I'm dragging my feet. I love Americana! I love to paint flags on everything! Once I start painting I have to paint a few things, because I make such a mess out of it. I painted everything with its base color first, then I add the stars and stripes. On the bowls I use masking tape for the stripes. I let things dry over night. Then I sanded everything with medium sandpaper. In this case the Americana Babyshoes I antiqued with brown shoe polish (the kind that comes in the tin) the Americana Wood Bowls I added a coat of dark wax to them. I love using shoe polish but on some things I have had it turn yellow. In that case just go over it with something alittle darker, like that antiquing paint in a dark brown. I have tried using a dark brown craft paint its not the same. Thats why I love making primitives so much, there are no mistakes. Some of my best work comes from me messing things up. When making handmades you never know how they will turn out. Things look one way, all new and pretty. Then I get out my tea, coffee, wood stain, shoe polish, walnut crystals and the magic happens. Even thou I make more than one girlfriend at a time they each have a mind of their own, and no two are ever alike. I love to see how they come to life as I start to put them together. My next post I'll show you my progress with the Black Liberty w/Uncle Sam I'm working on. They are going together well, with only a few slight adjustments. They look great, I'm really pleased. I can't wait to bring mine home. CLICK HERE to see more of my primitive handmade Americana.


Kathy, I just love your Americana items!!! Can't wait to see more!

You have been tagged!! Go check out my blog!! Hope you can play!

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